Project Description
Easy to use framework for serializing to and from json. Supports typed dto objects, dynamic dto objects and immutable dto types like F# record types.

Supports Microsoft Web API out of the box (MediaTypeFormatter implementation).

Initial release, version 1.0 (November 30, 2012)

Available through NuGet:

Fast serialization and deserialization

Time needed for serialization/deserialization of sample1.json 1000000 times.
(Produced by FrameworkPerformanceTests included in the source code)

ServiceStack.Text - deserialize: 15.502s
ServiceStack.Text - serialize: 7.819s
Json.NET - deserialize: 18.890s
Json.NET - serialize: 12.158s
Simple.Json - deserialize: 8.016s
Simple.Json - serialize: 7.577s

About the author

Mikael Waltersson - Software developer and partner at the swedish consultant firm Advise Solutions. Fan of clean code, TDD and agile methods.

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